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Rachel and Hilda

I think it’s, um, got a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a lovely sort of, for me, it’s sort of spiritual timeout that’s, yeah. Which helps me, uh, through the week.


Everyone is so friendly and supportive, and we have a really loving community here.


One of the great parts of our church is that we support, um, asylum seekers here. We actually have asylum seekers who attend. And it’s great to understand their perspective and to see their faith.


They are really friendly with us and, uh, you know, we don’t feel we are foreign people in this country.


The friendliness – always feel very welcome down here. I find everybody, whatever age a pleasure to be with.


I come because the people are the church and they’re just so warm and welcoming and inclusive, and the coffee’s great and there’s always biscuits or cake.


I feel welcomed here and that I get a sense that these people that I am worshipping with actually love Jesus and love God, and that rules are secondary to love.. … And I like that. I find that I love that, that Jesus I feel is in the room every time I’m here.


Um, so we’re a small church. Um, we’re between St. Clements and Cowley Road. Um, we meet every Sunday


It’s a chance to, um, think about the bigger picture and to, to pause and think about the direction of our lives and, uh, and think about that in the context of God and his love for us, um, through Jesus.


Everybody in our worship has a chance to contribute, which means you get a variety of leaders and speakers and people who pray, different voices reading. And I just feel there’s a real sense of fellowship in our worship here, and that’s what I love about it.


It just means that we get a real mix of the types of talk that we have. Different styles, different voices, different ages, um, which makes it just so much more interesting to come and listen.


That’s what I do. Bits and pieces, general dog’sbody, I enjoy making tea and coffee. So I like doing that for people and hopefully just generally being nice to people.


We’ve got a really talented group of musicians here and it’s just lovely to get together and play with them. And you’ll probably hear snatches of that on the video somewhere. Um, but, uh, it, it’s really great to be working with them, doing the music and doing all to the glory of God as well.

Dionne and Adrian

We love visiting Oxford because we like the interaction. There’s a lovely musical vibe and we really like the passion of the talks and we enjoy it


You know, the saying, um, it takes a village to raise a child. Well this is, this is our village. Um, and this is one of the reasons we bring our kids to the Footsteps here. And, and they learn so much, not just from the, the teachers, but also everyone who comes here.


I come because I love the community and the people here. And I also get to help with Footsteps, which I love. It’s Sunday school, um, and they do a little story every week and we do arts and crafts and it’s really lovely to be around the children.

Rachel and Hilda

How old are you Hilda? Seven. I go to Footsteps and, um, we do different activities about the Bible.


I like to come in church for, I’m learning about the Jesus and I playing here with the small children and I like it.