First aid workshop for parents of young children

In March 2020 we sponsored a first aid training session tailored especially to the needs of parents and carers of young children. The workshop was facilitated by Richard Jago of High Wycombe-based RJP Training. We invited local residents to come and join some of our own members as attendees at the event.

Artificial ventilation and CPR

It was a fun and instructive afternoon and we were glad to meet some of our neighbours. People went away with an improved understanding of what to do if their child has an accident or develops a sudden illness: whether and when to call an ambulance – and what to do while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

The session was gently interactive. Attendees were encouraged if they so wished – but not pressured – to practise techniques on first aid dummies, and even on the trainer himself.

Delegates learned how to deal with life-threatening situations such as drowning, long-term health problems like asthma or anaphylaxis, and injuries that can be anywhere from mild to serious, such as head bumps.

Demonstrating the safe way to turn an unconscious patient on his side