What are you looking for?

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These short essays are about reasons for believing in God.

They are not particularly original, as though we’ve discovered something everyone missed. They are not particularly exhaustive, as though we could cover all that could be said about God. These essays are not intended to be the final and complete answer but hopefully will help you, whatever stage you’re at. Whether these essays are helpful may well depend on what you are looking for.

Looking for an argument?

Maybe you are just looking for an argument, just looking for something to disagree with. If so, then these essays are probably not for you. There are plenty of online forums where you can engage in a slog-out with those you happen to disagree with, and if that’s your thing then we recommend you look there. These essays make no pretence of confounding all critics.

Waiting to be convinced?

Maybe you are waiting to be convinced, holding out for that final definitive proof that will tip you into belief. Maybe you’ll find something here that will convince you, but we make no promises. Few things in life have this degree of proof – in fact, for most things definitive proof is not possible. But humans seem to muddle along tolerably well, believing in things and acting upon those beliefs, not because they have absolute proof but because they have sufficient reasons.

Looking for answers?

Maybe you are looking for answers – you are unsure whether there is a God or what that might mean for you, but feel that it’s important to find out. Hopefully we’ll have something to interest you and to help you find the answers that you’re looking for. Reading these essays you will find good reasons for thinking that there is a God, good reasons for seeking further, good reasons to ask God to come into your life.

Whatever stage you’re at and whatever your reasons for coming to these essays, we hope you find them useful. We pray that God will help you as you seek after him.


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